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How exciting! We are over here doing a little happy dance and we hope that you are too!  We're so glad you’ve found us and took the time to reach out about the potential of working together.

We are Texas’ newest design & marketing agency specializing in beverage branding and event promotion. We combined (ahem, mixed...get it?) together a tasty recipe of top designers, media professionals, and industry legends offering over 40 years of diverse experience.


Owned by award-winning designer, Alexis Souza, and marketing/branding professional, Brie Stich, our woman-run agency is set to make high marks in the marketing and design industry.

(I mean, you do know Texas women’s ability to stir things up, right?)


We believe that taking the next step in your business' professional marketing is a BIG DEAL, and we don't take this lightly. It has to be a match - and as we all know - that's not an easy thing to find. We prefer to only take on clients that we know we have the experience to truly help. We want you to know us, trust us, and build a long relationship with us as you grow.


i'm alexis

President, Owner of Souzamaphone Marketing LLC


How does a graphic designer end up with a knack for marketing and strategy? I blame it on having a therapist mother and a lawyer father. Can you imagine the cross-examination and psycho-analyzation I navigated in my formative years? That's simply not something a rebellious teenager can escape without some lessons.


After serving my time at the San Francisco Art Institute, I found my way to Texas Tech where I waited tables while taking business classes. I overheard a table of executives discussing design work they needed to be done for the opening of their new store. I saw flaws in the design and I couldn't help myself. They didn't know their waitress happened to have gone to one of the best art schools and just happened to be nosy enough (and probably over-caffeinated enough) to butt in! 


In two months' time, I had become the GM and designer for the new store... and I've been "butting" my way up ever since then. I found my love in print design and the smell of those large, Heidelberg machines. That led me to create my first magazine at 25 years old, the first to be distributed over the Hill Country region - and my first state-wide award. I continued to work in print design for the next 15 years while raising my two sons. Packaging design and promotion is a natural progression from print/publishing and event posters. It's almost easier now, actually. 

On a personal note, what should I say? My friends say I wear too much black, but I really don't want to match patterns and colors after balancing a color wheel in my head all the time (and come on, it just looks cool!) I have two loving sons that are both gifted in the arts, and make me laugh every day. I binge documentaries (while googling to verify facts) and read non-fiction/theology/mystery novels. I travel (anywhere) and do impromptu road trips (everywhere), and find oysters on the beach is a win. I'm a big fan of people-watching and smelling the roses. I adore weird & wonderful things... and most of all, good people.

Mostly, I truly love the design world (it's always on my mind) and helping people achieve their dreams. It really is a great career path and I simply got very lucky that I have the honor to do it every day.

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Alexis Souza
Anybody can pick up a paintbrush...or in this case a stylus for Photoshop and InDesign, but knowing how to wield it is a whole other ballgame.
Alexis makes every other designer look like they are playing T-ball while she is hitting home runs in Yankee Stadium. Her work is out of this world and I would love the opportunity to be there when she is finally recognized for her talent. I mean 11+ plus international awards seem like a lifetime achievement for most people, but for Alexis... just a warm up in the bullpen.

~ BRAD E. BAILEY, Marketing Strategist at AgFirst Farm Credit Bank, Former PR Director for City of Schertz

Her work is beyond exceptional, providing high-quality graphics as well as keeping the integrity of the product she is providing. 
I have known Alexis for many years as a client and a service provider. She provided an incredible business card ( for my "daytime" practice as well as a thought-provoking CD cover - incorporating all the song titles of the CD for the Mystic Sister Duo/Band in Boerne, TX... She is amazing with her vision and passion for the "end product." I will and always recommend her for her technique and thinking outside of the box.

~ CHERI GILHAM, Continuing Education Instructor for Licensed Massage Therapists, Infant/Adult Craniosacral Therapist

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