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The Process

here's how it goes...

From the moment we decide to move forward throughout our adventure together, we will work alongside you to ensure your business needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. This is an important part of our business strategy. It’s just as important for us that you have a stress-free experience so we can all feel accomplished and at ease throughout our time together. By the end of this experience, we're more than just your marketing professionals. We become a confidant and business bestie (Biz Bestie?) who cheers you on and moves mountains to ensure your experience with me is everything you need and want it to be.

When you hire us, we, of course, schedule our goal-setting call where we will lay out the steps included in your custom experience. We also send you a questionnaire to dig deeper into your business goals and what you want to achieve while working together. This lets us get to know your personality, big vision, and values even better. We will also be sharing my top resources and tips so you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

here’s a peek at what you can expect:


grab a coffee and let’s chat

Once you’ve read through this pricing guide and are like “I want y'all!” schedule your consultation video chat with us (or we can meet in person depending on your location) so we can make sure that we are on the same page and that we are the best option for the project you have planned.

sign on the dotted line

After the video chat, if we both feel this is a great fit, M3 will review your budget, goals, and big vision we discussed at the meeting and M3 will curate a customized plan for you and your business. Then, we'll send you a contract, so you can pay your deposit, see all of the terms clearly outlined, and sign the contract to make it official.

** M3's billing process is to get 50% upfront for each milestone of the project. That way, you are paying for the work being done and deliverables are given within a timely fashion. No large, upfront investment on your part, and we aren't holding your money for work yet to be done. Because of this, we rarely initiate "retainer" pricing until a client has been with us a while.

the adventure begins

You will receive a customized timeline that highlights important milestones for our project. You will be able to review the dates and let us know of any conflicts so we can adjust as needed to make sure the project stays on track. You'll also receive the first steps of your homework requirements. 

While you work through your homework, I will review everything before we proceed to the next step so don’t ever worry about “doing it wrong”!


it’s go time!

After your homework is complete...It’s Time to Celebrate!  We will now move forward with the project outlined in your contract. During this time, make sure to be thorough with reviewing/proofing what is sent and be upfront about any changes you might want to see made. We will work through your project one step at a time so you will never get to the end and feel “Oh no! I've made a big mistake.” Each step builds upon the one before.


celebrate and continued support

After we have launched your project, popped the champagne, and celebrated your business...The Party Continues! If anything comes up, don’t worry! We provide you 14 days of support after we have completed our project together. Or, you can choose to continue to work with us on making your "look" blend into other areas of your business.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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