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Award Winner!

"Best Brand Refresh" Award

by Craft Beer Marketing Awards



Souzamaphone Marketing, LLC

Full Service Design Agency and Marketing Consultants

Do you need a designer
that knows marketing?

Souzamaphone Marketing is a boutique design & marketing agency specializing in true, custom design and branding. Owned by award-winning designer, Alexis Souza, this woman-run agency is scoring high marks in the design world with over a dozen international awards, and an ever-expanding team of expert consultants in every field to assist our clients in ensuring that their design work doesn't just look good - but that it has the marketing research and plan to work in the marketplace. We are in the business of making your business unique and attractive - and effective! Souzamaphone Marketing LLC - Alexis Souza, Designer - Souzamaphone Mkt

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Our Services

Alexis is by far the best graphic designer I have every worked with. She can turn vague ideas into reality and turn any bad picture into a Monet. Anybody can pick up a paint brush...or in this case a stylus for Photoshop and InDesign, but knowing how to wield it is a whole other ballgame. Alexis makes every other designer look like they are playing T-ball while she is hitting home runs in Yankee Stadium. Her work is out of this world and I would love the opportunity to be there when she is finally recognized for her talent. I mean 15+ plus international awards seem like a lifetime achievement for most people, but for Alexis...just a warm up in the bullpen.

Morgan Bowes

Creative Director at Pape-Dawson Engineers

Alexis is a very talented and creative designer. From initial concept to design and production, she takes pride in her work and brings a genuine care and enthusiasm to her projects. She takes feedback as an opportunity to build a better understanding of each client's preferences and is authentic in her commitment to produce quality work that meets or exceeds expectations.

Leslye Hernandez

Marketing Consultant

I have had the luxury of utilizing the incredible skill of Alexis Souza with print, web and social media for over 15 years. If you are looking for the best graphic designer - look no further!

S. Aidan Merchant

Founder, Designer, Boss Lady at Bijou Kids

Alexis works around the clock to make gorgeous, gorgeous things happen for her clients, from product, graphic, and web design, to marketing expertise--she's fantastic!
Alexis' design prowess is legendary. Once the task/problem is defined, simply give it to her and you'll smile when the work is done.

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it."

-Sir Henry Royce, English engineer and car designer

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